Guided experience 100.00 without transfer
Guided experience 130.00 with round trip transportation.
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On this tour we will go to the top of the favela using the cable car of Santa Marta (inclined plane), together with the residents where the tourists will feel the atmosphere of the favela doing a tour through the street and alleys where the local story is told together with the story of famous people that came here as Queen Elizabeth II , Michael Jackson , Madonna , Vin Diesel , Hugh Jackman (wolverine), Alicia Keys , Bradley Cooper , Spike Lee among others. 

The top of the favela has a panoramic view of the city, where you see the Christ Redeemer , Sugar Loaf, Praia de Botafogo, Lagoa Rodrigues de Freitas and the entire district of Botafogo.

The local guide gives authenticity to the tour, showing that the biggest motivation for the tourism in favelas is the opportunity to share life styles, life experiences and nobody will be able to provide such a real experience than someone hat lives in the own favela.

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This tour includes 

Walking tour at the favela.

History of the favela told by a local guide.
First pacified favela in the city of Rio.
View of the city.
Reality of a favela, its people and its projects.
Michael Jackson's statue.
Visitation to local stores.

 Regular Schedule 

Time Duration: 2 hours

Frequency: Daily tours
Time: 10am or 2pm
Not Including: Transfer
Recommendations: Light clothes, sunscreen, camera and extra money if you plan on buying any souvenirs.

 Meeting Point 

We meet at the Shell gas station located at the corner of Rua São Clemente 307 with Rua da Matriz, at Botafogo. 

At the station there is a store named "Select", we meet close to the store for easier identification, at the time scheduled.
Waiting time at the gas station is of 15 minutes, so try getting there early.

* Online bookings must be made in advance.
* Full refund for cancellations made by the customer will only be effected if requested within 48 hours of the booked tour start.
* In cases of normal rain the tour will not be cancelled. In cases of extreme storms with many rays and thunders that compromises the security, the tour guide will cancel it, giving the possibility of scheduling a new tour or of returning the amount paid.
* The reservation is only completed after receiving a confirmation e-mail from us.
* Please fill in the complete data when buying online.
* Before leaving for the tour, please take a look at your email. For any emergency we will inform there.

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  1. Hi,
    i would to reserve a tour, in these favelas, but i have a question..
    the tour includeed the mirante dona marta? how i can arrive here??
    Thank You.