On this tour we will go to the top of the favela using the cable car of Santa Marta (inclined plane), together with the residents where the tourists will feel the atmosphere of the favela doing a tour through the street and alleys where the local story is told together with the story of famous people that came here as Queen Elizabeth II , Michael Jackson , Madonna , Vin Diesel , Hugh Jackman (wolverine), Alicia Keys , Bradley Cooper , Spike Lee among others. 

The top of the favela has a panoramic view of the city, where you see the Christ Redeemer , Sugar Loaf, Praia de Botafogo, Lagoa Rodrigues de Freitas and the entire district of Botafogo.

“Is it better to invest a bit more in a quality experience, knowing that it will have a positive impact and will you live a potentially transformative experience, or save a bit by taking a "plastic" tour and causing detrimental effects on the environment and the population?”

This tour includes 
Walking tour of Favela.
The story of Favela told by a local resident and a team.
First pacified favela of Rio de Janeiro.
Lookout with a privileged view of the city.
Reality of a favela, its people and projects.
Visit the home of the local guide 
Visit to a community day care center 
Statue of Michael Jackson
Visit to handicraft shops
Visit to the Residents' Association

 Regular Schedule 

Time Duration: 2:30 hours
Frequency: Daily tours
Time: 10am or 2pm
Recommendations: Light clothes, sunscreen, câmera and extra money if you plan on buying any souvenirs.

 Meeting Point 
We meet at the Shell Gas Station located at the corner of Rua São Clemente 307 with Rua da Matriz, at Botafogo. 

At the Shell Station there is a store named "Select", we meet close to the store for easier identification, at the time scheduled.
Waiting time at the gas station is of 15 minutes, so try getting there early.

Very important remark. 
The tourist who does not arrive in time and burst the limit of 15 minutes of waiting totally loses the value of the tour (no show) without the right to cancel the amount paid.

-If on the date of your tour the cable car system of the community is not available or not working due to maintenance problems/energy shortages, the way to the top shall be done on foot. Or if reached an agreement between all the guests and the guide, an Uber/Taxi may be hired to take the group all the way to the top. The cost of the ride generally stays under 10BRL, and takes between 10 to 15 minutes. Which can save time and the struggle in the case of rain, extensive heat or even physical limitations that a guest may have. All of which accompanied by your local guide.

-Try to bring in hands cash, to pay for the occasional bottle of water or snack along the way or to buy souvenirs and art works from the local family stores that you're going to visit.

-The tour shall be held under any climate, sunny or rainy. That said, try to wear the right outfit for the day of your tour. The tour shall only be cancelled due to heavy climate if done previous to the date of the tour.

-We suggest that you wear comfortable shoes, trainers/running shoes/sneakers, or any footing attire that you find comfortable for walking/climbing up and down steps.

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  1. Hi,
    i would to reserve a tour, in these favelas, but i have a question..
    the tour includeed the mirante dona marta? how i can arrive here??
    Thank You.

  2. Reena and Barnaby (from Uruguay)19 de novembro de 2018 15:15

    Filipe was an excellent and knowledgeable tour guide with endless patience in answering our every question. A fascinating place to visit and there was so much to learn and appreciate, as well as an incredible view. People always wonder about the safety of favelas, well between us we've visited three and never felt unsafe. A highly recommended tour.

  3. Thank you, your post was very informative. Would love to go to these places soon.